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We work with whitelist: for each application we provide a complete targeted list of the more important websites in terms of traffic, premium websites included, where we will plan your campaign on.

Tag Your Campaigns

Never lose sight of your target

We track every channel typology: we create, modify, monitor e manage tags in real time on the basis of communication strategy brief about your advertising campaign.

We manage your Campaign to let the user have an excellent brand experience, planning the frequency capping avoiding to bombard the user with messages that might cause a negative and invasive experience. Therefore we constantly monitor the frequency with which messages are shown to be able to determine strategies and subsequent re- targeting. All data captured during the course of the campaign will be at your disposal and you will be reported daily in our report: impressions shown, InScreen impressions, click- through rates, engagement rate, engagement time, playtime video and more. Obviously we monitor the costs so that we can calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) and define the budget for the next investment, focused on the results that will determine then an even higher ROI and a margin of dispersion Impressions and budgets naturally lower than the previous campaign.


Mobile Targeting

Your target anytime, anywhere

You can choose to schedule your campaign profiling your target through a selection of telephone operators, type of mobile device , operating system , browser type , smart TV and games console , and everything that somehow interacts with the network . With mobile targeting our profiled user will be able to click on the banner from his device and be routed directly to your business.

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